If you have visited Bali and for a few days you felt enough with sunbathing and had enough beach, then you need to go to Ubud village in Gianyar. Also, from Ubud village, you will quickly access to Ayung stream, one of the most famous white water rafting in Bali. Not only easily accessible from Ubud, but also readily available from Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, and Kuta, while the distance from Kuta beach Bali to Ubud village is 35 kilometers. Therefore, almost 1 hour 15 minutes of driving time. Furthermore, its location close to Ubud village is about 5 kilometers. Also, Ubud village is the center of Balinese arts while many top Balinese dancers, painters, carvers, exceptional artists are live in Ubud village.


The Ayung River is the longest river on the Indonesian island of Bali. This River length approximately 68,5 kilometers from the northern mountain ranges, passing the Bangli, Badung, Gianyar regencies and the city of Denpasar, before discharging into the Badung Strait at Sanur. Ayung river watershed area has an annual average temperature between 18.4 °C to 26.6 °C, depending on the altitude.

Classified as class II and III in the dry the season, means that the Ayung has some rough water, some rocks, small drops, but poses no considerable danger. Skill levels here range from basic paddling with some experience in rafting will suffice for the journey. In the rainy season, however, when the water-level rises, the Ayung is classified as class IV, having medium large waves and needing better skills to maneuver the sharp bends when needed.

ayung river

The Ayung’s white water rafting trail offers a 10 kilometers route that will need 1,5 – 2 hours to meander through. But those hours are going to fly so fast since you will forget the time as you are having a great time in the adventure.

If you do Ayung Rafting Bali, then you will enjoy the Bali rainforest and very well maintain rice field. You may also be able to see wildlife in the Bali rainforest such as beautiful Blue Javan Kingfisher. If you would like to discover a hidden waterfall, then you can find it by doing Ubud water rafting.

Rafting Provider in Bali

#1. Bahama Rafting - Located in Ubud

Bahama Rafting is one of the most famous rafting providers on the West side of the Ayung river. With International Safety Standard, Bahama is concern about your safety during your outbound activities. Its insurance is affected covering max. USD. 50,000. All of the guide also have been fully experienced and professionally (International Safety Standard, First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – CPR) in the Ayung River.

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Bahama rafting - Traviora
Bahama Rafting

#2. Mega - Located in Badung

Mega Rafting provide the rafting adventure since on 1998 with professional team for superb white water rafting. Mega Rafting provide the safety white water rafting and always out top priority with first rate equipment that are well maintained. The professional guides are trained to the standars of the American Whitewater Affiliation. All rafting and safety equipment provided by Mega Rafting suck as helments and life jackets. After a brief instruction on paddling and river safety, you are off to the longest and best rafting trip on the Ayung River.

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Mega Rafting - Traviora
Mega Rafting

#3. Bali Sobek - Located in Gianyar

Established in Bali in 1989, Sobek was the first Adventure Tour Company who have a proven 100% safety record even to this day, SOBEK invests heavily into thorough industry recognized safety training standards. Each and every one of SOBEK’s 265 staff receives on going training and development to ensure they are the very best in their field.

SOBEK operates the largest transport network of any tour operator in Bali. The comfortable, air conditioned vehicles are linked by a radio communication system, which allows SOBEK to monitor the progress of clients on the way to and from the start and finish sites.

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Sobek Rafting - Traviora
Bali Sobek Rafting

SOBEK’s guides are trained to the highest international standards in safety, first aid, rescue and customer service. They undertake foreign-language training courses in a number of major languages, to ensure guests from all corners of the world are not only comfortable whilst SOBEK guests, but also are given in-depth safety briefings before embarking on one of tours.

#4. Graffiti - Located in Gianyar

Graffiti Rafting will love to take you to explore the most beautyful and challenging Ayung river. Including of return transfer, oriental buffet lunch, shower and locker, profesional river guide and insurance. The ayung river white water rafting is the most popular water activity in Bali with tropical rainforest along the river wall.

Graffiti rafting located 5 minutes north of central ubud 1 hour drive from kuta or bali international airport. Safety breafing and equipment are provided befor you set down to river. The professional river guide will lead the cruise with their knowladge of ayung river.

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Graffity Rafting - Traviora
Graffity Rafting

#5. Rejeki Rafting - Located in Gianyar

Rejeki Ayung Rafting offers the longest trip for whitewater rafting in Bali to explore the real adventure and improve your experiences about Bali’s most amazing activities. A custom of life jackets, helmets, paddles in their modern equipment’s room will make you more comfortable and confident to do white water rafting. Rejeki Ayung whitewater rafting can be safely experienced by anyone between the ages of 7 to 64 years old.

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Payung Rafting - Traviora
Rejeki Rafting

#6. Green Line - Located in Gianyar

Bali Green Line Adventure is a local company conducted by balinese in order to give an adventure experiences and introduce untouched Bali trough Adventure activities. They office are village base location where mostly of activities take place in the village which is out of traffic.

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Bali Green Line Rafting - Traviora
Green Line Adventure

#7. Payung Rafting - Located in Gianyar

Payung Rafting was established in Bali in 2006. Bali Payung Rafting that located at Melinggih Kelod Village, Gianyar is safe and accompanied by an experienced instructor. Bali Payung Rafting have a team and staff have decades of experience serving the domestic and foreign tourists.

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Payung Rafting - Traviora
Payung Rafting

#8. New Gangga - Located in Gianyar

New Gangga Rafting Company in Bali Island. New Gangga Rafting invests heavily into thorough industry recognized safety training standards. New Gangga Rafting’s staff are trained to the highest international standards in safety, first aid, rescue and customer service.

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New Gangga Rafting - Traviora
New Gangga Rafting


Those are some recommendations of rafting providers in Bali for the Ayung White Water river. They are Bahama, Mega Rafting, Bali Sobek, Graffiti, Rejeki Rafting, Green Line Adventure, Payung Rafting and New Gangga. Each provider has its own advantages with the prices they offer. The reviews we show above are sourced from reviews on Google. You can get tickets for the above rafting activities through this website, only takes 2 minutes to get your ticket.